Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bob Sungenis and his Ordinary

The continuing controversy over the content of Robert Sungenis' web site has taken a new turn. Mr. Sungenis has said things about the Jewsih people - both inside and outside of the Church - which have brought him open criticism from many sources.

It has been the hope of many of us who are concerned about Bob that he would accept fraternal correction on these matters and bring his public views into line with the positions held by the Popes and Vatican II over the last several decades. Sadly, Bob has not done so. In the last year, his Ordinary, Bishop Kevin Rhoades, took action in the name of the Catholic Church to prevent Bob from promulgating his views as if they represented Catholic teaching. In particular, Bob published a commentary on the Book of Revelation in which he made several comments about the Jews that were scurrilous in tone.

Bob's response was half-hearted at best. He made a show of submitting to the Bishop,at first, but now he is openly accusing Bishop Rhoades of holding to heretical notions. Bob is refusing to obey the Bishop's order that he cease and desist writing about any matters having to do with the Jewish people.

I want to take a stand here in support of Bishop Rhoades and I call on Bob Sungenis as a professed loyal son of the Catholic Church to submit to his Ordinary in this matter. We Catholic apologists are the victims of the lies and bigotry of Anti-Catholics all the time. We should be very careful ourselves not to promote falsehoods about other people. And in particular, we need to be on the guard against Anti-Semitism. It is a persistent prejudice that has led to untold injustice, suffering, and even genocide. We as Catholics must never again allow such things to occur and we need to oppose this error vigorously.

The following links document the most recent events in the Sungenis controversy:

Breaking the Silence:

1) Bishop Rhoades Sets the Record Straight: Bishop Rhoades refutes Sungenis’ “slanderous and erroneous” charges

2) Saying “Peace!” When There Is No Peace: A discussion of the many “apologies” and promises of Robert Sungenis

3) More Definition Difficulties: Sungenis’ misuse of “disavow” and “libel”

4) CASB2's Missing Imprimatur: The Real Reason the Bishop Said "No"Sungenis’ anti-Jewish animus comes to light in CASB2

5) Response from the USCCB on page 131 of the USCC: Must one see heresy on page 131? How should one approach our bishops?

6) Is Sungenis Schismatic? The Verdict in Sungenis’ Own Words: Documentation of how Sungenis has chosen a path he has formerly criticized

7) The Theology of Prejudice: A discussion of how Sungenis’ animus against Jews taints his theology

8) The Theology of ADL Conspiracy Theories? Specific proof that even now, Sungenis is violating his most recent promises

9) Sungenis and the New Good Friday Prayer: A recent example of Sungenis’ exaggerations and contentiousness with Jews

10) Sungenis Singled Out by Jewish Blogger: An example of how Sungenis is seen by moderate Jewish people

11) Clearing Roy Schoeman of Sungenis’ Slander by Ben Douglass: Sungenis refuses to retract and apologize for quote he knows to be false

12) New and Old Postings by Ben Douglass: Ben Douglass re-posts his Sungenis articles and defends Roy Schoeman

13) When Like Finds Like:Evidence from Sungenis’ own followers that all is not well at CAI-BTF

14) The Clinton Connection: A comparison of the tactics of Bill Clinton and Robert Sungenis

15) The Matter of Character: An examination of a fundamental issue underlying Sungenis’ difficulties

16) Timeline: A helpful timeline detailing what has occurred with Sungenis and when

Please keep both Bob Sungenis and Bishop Rhoades in your prayers.

Art Sippo


Brent Cannon said...

Such a shame Art, why is it that Mr. Sungenis must surround himself with controversy? God has given him a true talent, a great gift, one that could be so beneficial to the Catholic Church yet he seems to throw it away by giving the every day Christian the impression that he could go completely over th edge at any time. Have you tried to talk to him as a fellow apologist Art? Surely he realizes that his ideas scare the average Joe. Even if he truly believes what he says can he not keep those beliefs to himself?

Arthur C. Sippo MD, MPH said...

It is indeed a shame. I have approached him on these matters as have other Apologists and friends of his. Unhappily we have not been able to disabuse him of these notions.

I still consider Bob to be my friend and brother-in-Christ. Please pray for him.