Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bernie gives his private opinion

Bernie writes:

I was once a Catholic. Catholicism is probably the best religion there is. The Priests and Pope have great costumes, great cathedrals, burning incense, etc. However, it is all really detracting from a Christ-like life. Anyone who has a devotion to Mary or the Saints, they should instead be having a devotion to Christ Himself. Don't be afraid to approach Christ. You don't have to go through His mother to reach Him. Also, I think it is sick how Catholics have relics in churches (fingers of dead saints, etc.). Gross.

This may come as shock to you, Bernie, but you are still a catholic and will be judged as one on the Last Day.

I agree with you Catholicism is not only the BEST religion, it is the ONLY true religion. No one can be saved apart from the Catholic Church. Placing yourself outside the Church has endangered your salvation. You need to repent and return to the Lord.

The self serving drivel about how the trappings of Catholicism detract from following Christ is a damnable lie and I rebuke you in the name of Christ! Our entire devotional life is directed towards Christ in the Mass and the sacraments. The veneration of angels and saints are accessory devotions that enhance our fellowship with other members of the body of Christ. We venerate the angels and saints because we are all siblings who have God as our Father, Christ as our brother, and Mary as our Mother in the Holy Spirit. Hatred of the saints in glory is hatred of their Father. All of our liturgical prayer and worship is drected to God and His Christ.

The use of relics proves that ours is a real historical faith and that the martyrs and saints were real historical people. The Protestant cults do not have this because they are all man-made religions with no historical depth that are cut off from the physical reality of the Church. The Protestant cults have been tainted with gnostic error and are afraid that Created beings will lead men away from God. In Catholicism creation is redeemed and under grace we have nothing to fear from created things. All of creation is good and can lead us to God if we rightly order ourselves before Him.

I feel sorry for you, Bernie. You have sold your birthright and now are even afraid of the mess of pottage you traded for it.


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