Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dr. Robert Koons and the Case for Catholicism

Recently, Lutheran Scholar Robert Koons PhD joined the Catholic Church. He has been received by Catholics with open arms and sent off with gracious regrets by many of his co-religionists. But as we have come to expect he has also been vilified by the usual suspects among the Death Eater crowd of anti-Catholic bigots.

Dr. Koons has given us a detailed explanation for why he decided to join the Catholic Church. What I find most interesting is that gives many arguments that I have used in defending the Catholic faith against Pseudopodeo and his fellow travelers. I think this essay is quite good and a Catholic Apologetic classic. Here it is for your perusal. Download it and savor it carefully:




Matthew Kelley said...

Hey, i really enjoy your site. this article is long, but very good from what ive read so far

Adadzie Godwin Delali GADEL said...

This is a great resource. Thanks Dr. Sippo